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Native Hawaiian strategies presented at Vienna climate change conference

November 1, 2022
An international movement geared toward combating climate change by redesigning cities to function more sustainably recently recognized traditional Native Hawaiian strategies presented by a University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa professor

Climate 'points of no return' may be much closer than we thought

September 18, 2022
The "tipping points" are also more numerous than researchers previously realized.

A Military Fuel Leak in Oahu that Poisoned the Water Supply is the Tipping Point for Hawaiians

March 24, 2022
Despite the military being the second largest economic sector, Hawaiians are fed up with their malfeasance.
National Public Radio The Takeaway

Pentagon to Close Red Hill Amid Water Contamination Crisis in Hawaiʻi

March 16, 2022
Earlier this month, the Pentagon announced it would be closing the Red Hill fuel facility in Hawaiʻi amid a contamination crisis affecting thousands of people on Oʻahu.

US Military Pollution: The World's Biggest Climate Change Enabler

November 12, 2021
US military pollution is a significant contributor to climate change. If it were a nation state, it would be the 47th largest emitter in the world. Their negligence, nuclear testing and disregard for human life has come at a huge environmental cost, and reform needs to be taken into consideration to protect our planet.
Yale Environment Review

The role of indigenous agricultural systems in creating a climate resilient food system in Hawaiʻi

November 19, 2019
Island peoples are at the frontlines of climate change. They are also often isolated and dependent on imports, especially for food. New research in Hawai’i investigates how indigenous agricultural systems may support food security, indigenous sovereignty, and climate change adaptation.
Hawaii Public Radio

OHA Letter: Kamana Beamer

May 16, 2014