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Kaʻohewai Commends DOH Decision

April 1, 2023
“The only option the Navy has is to safely defuel and decommission its facility.”

Shut Down Red Hill for Good

April 1, 2023
Kanaka Maoli attorney Camille Kalama and Dr. Kamana Beamer of the Kaʻohewai Coalition speak to Democracy Now! and a world wide audience.

Aloha Kuamoʻo ʻĀina

April 1, 2023
Aloha Kuamo‘o ‘Āina (AKA) is a center for cultural and ecological peace, led by Keola Beamer and Dr. Kamana Beamer. AKA’s vision for the land’s future is to promote aloha ‘āina consistent with the mo‘olelo (stories) and values of Kuamo‘o.