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PAʻA Piʻo Summit

bringing leaders together from at home and abroad to celebrate and share innovative projects that support our communities

Learning from each other, and strengthening our commitments to aloha ʻāina, in Hawaiʻi and abroad

A centerpiece of the Pōʻai ke Aloha ʻĀina project is the Piʻo Summit, a gathering of individuals dedicated to sharing their work to cultivate circular economic thinking in their local communities, and around the world.

The summit will be held bianually, with each event embodying one of the following themes:

Highlighting Aloha ʻĀina Innovation at Home

The first summit will advance local policy issues and uplift the work of a community collaborator, sharing our (kākou) efforts with an international audience.

Learning from Sustainability Leaders Abroad

The second summit would focus on increasing international collaborations and networks as related to manifesting aloha ʻāina. Let's learn from each other.


Our esteemed guests are leaders in imagining a sustainable future. Whether from far across the globe or from within our own island communities, they bring with them insights that show us a vision of the world, where the operation of our societies, rooted in the concept of aloha ʻāina, draws on the resources of our one and only home in a restorative and rejuvenative fashion, and allows us all to thrive.

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Find the talks and presentations of the summit below.

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