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Piʻo Summit:


Past Summits:
2022 Piʻo Summit: Wai Sovereignty & Justice
Thursday, December 15, 2022
Imin International Conference Center & Kennedy Theatre, UH Mānoa

Wai Sovereignty & Justice
was chosen as the theme of our inaugural summit to draw attention and action to the current state of our wai, along with the constant threats our water resources are currently facing. Wai Sovereignty & Justice brought together together esteemed community leaders, advocates, and truth speakers who are advancing aloha ʻāina and water justice.The summit consisted of two day-time panels, a networking mixer event and an evening keynote discussion.

Panel 1: Wai,ʻAi & Iʻa brought together aloha ʻāina leaders and practitioners to share about their organization's relationships to wai, along with the significant role it has in feeding our communities. The panel explored questions such as: How does your organization care for wai? What role does wai have in strengthening connections to historical food sources? And how can UH and the academy support these efforts?

Panel 2: Wai & Red Hill included community leaders who are at the forefront of the Shut Down Red Hill movement to discuss the significant and pressing issues our water sources and communities are currently facing as a result of the Navy’s fuel leak at the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility. The panel will addressed questions such as: What enabled the Red Hill crisis to occur? Given the multiple agencies responsible for water in Hawaiʻi, what were the breakdowns that led us to where we are today? What are the current updates on Red Hill and how can communities ensure the safety of Oʻahu’s water? And what actions can UH and the academy take to support these efforts?

Muliwai Mixer: Where like-minded water protectors and stewards had the chance to mix and mingle while enjoying food provided by Nui Kealoha.

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Click Here to Watch Opening Addresses and Wai Panel Discussions

Moderated Keynote

We were honored to welcome renowned philosopher, political activist, public intellectual, and author, Dr. Cornel West, to Hawaiʻi for a moderated keynote discussion. Dr. West offered a prolific and thoughtful discussion on Justice, Integrity, Love, and Liberation as related to Hawaiʻi and broader movements for justice and people's movements worldwide.


Our Partners

This summit would not be possible without the kōkua of our valued partners. They are stalwart supporters of environmental justice and ʻōiwi agency, and we would like to express our deep mahalo to these organizations for their contributions:

About Piʻo Summit

A centerpiece of the Pōʻai ke Aloha ʻĀina project is the Piʻo Summit, a gathering of individuals dedicated to sharing their work to cultivate circular economic thinking in their local communities, and around the world. Our goal is to bring leaders together from at home and abroad to celebrate and share innovative projects that support our communities.

The summit will be held bianually, with each event embodying one of the following themes:

- Highlighting Aloha ʻĀina Innovation at Home, to advance local policy issues and uplift the work of a community collaborator, sharing our (kākou) efforts with an international audience.
- Learning from Sustainability Leaders Abroad
, to increase international collaborations and networks as related to manifesting aloha ʻāina. Let's learn from each other.

Our esteemed guests are leaders in imagining a sustainable future. Whether from far across the globe or from within our own island communities, they bring with them insights that show us a vision of the world, where the operation of our societies, rooted in the concept of aloha ʻāina, draws on the resources of our one and only home in a restorative and rejuvenative fashion, and allows us all to thrive.